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TUI BLUE is the global flagship hotel brand of the TUI Group having opened its first hotel in May 2016. With nearly over 100 hotels around the world and a vision for further expansion, our portfolio also includes hotels that are operated by external hotel partners according to our quality standards.


Some of the hotels in the TUI BLUE portfolio are owned, which allows us to have autonomy over operations and retain all revenue and profits. You can easily identify our owned hotels on our My TUI Hotels website by their special ‘Owned’ banner.

The rest of the units fall under other ownership models where we either collaborate with hotel chains like RIU, Karisma, Atlantica or simply have a different management agreement. This franchise model allows us to quickly expand our portfolio and is also how we hope to add over 200 hotels in the coming years.

At TUI BLUE, we believe that every moment of your holiday should be special and unforgettable. That is why all our hotels are thoughtfully designed with our customers in mind.



At TUI BLUE, all of our hotels showcase the three core high TUI BLUE standards. You’ve got expert BLUE® Guides at your beck and call, authentic regional dishes using local ingredients, and activities tailored to your pace. Plus, every hotel’s designed to immerse you in your location, so you will get a true feel for the place.



Our local experts and dedicated BLUE® Guides offer a personal touch for our guests to make their experience as memorable as possible. They are the heart of TUI BLUE and love to share their knowledge with guests to make their holiday as unique as possible. And with the BLUE® App guests have access to loads of activities and handy hints just a tap away.


Our BLUE® Guide team have insider knowledge to provide a local perspective and can be reached via the BLUE® App, but also in person at all our hotels. Some BLUE® Guides are also specialists for BLUEf!t®, food and beverage or even excursions and can be identified by their BLUE® Guide lanyard.


  • Service at eye level always having an open ear for wishes, questions and feedback
  • Have insider-knowledge with the best tips
  • Distinction of general and specific BLUE® Guides- specialists for specific division
    (e.g. Fitness, Bar or Spa)
  • 360° support before, during and after the vacation
  • Multiple options to contact the BLUE® Guide (in person at hotel or via BLUE® App)
  • Optional BLUE® Guides Desk at the lobby area


Think of the BLUE® App as a personal digital assistant. Guests can reach out to the team 24/7, before, during and after their stay at any TUI BLUE hotel. The ‘Daily Programme’ lets holiday goers discover all the exciting activities and events taking place, whilst the digital ‘Pinboard’ let’s them connect with other guests and share experiences.

Customers can also enhance their stay with restaurant reservations, online check-in, selecting their room (selected hotels) and booking their place across a variety of sports and activities.

More information on the BLUE® App can be found further down this page.



A wide variety of regional and international delicacies can be enjoyed at our TUI BLUE hotels with a choice of global buffets and fine- dining à la carte menus, too. As well as giving you an authentic taste of regional dishes, our chefs are experts at everything from gluten-free to vegan friendly fare. Guests can also experience live cooking, regional cuisine and international twists at defined restaurant and bar concepts.


  • Light, fresh and healthy
  • Regional mixed with international twists
  • Caters to all kinds of dietary needs, lifestyle & allergies
  • Healthy & green


  • Beach barbecue 6 x per week in the Beach Restaurant
  • Daybeds with F&B services
  • Theme nights
  • Show-cooking at buffet restaurants
  • Grab & Go area for take-away offers


  • Cater to dietary/lifestyle requirements
    • Vegetarian/vegan
    • Low carb
  • Nutritious food

The below restaurant/bar concepts are available in our hotels. All hotels have The Bar and The Restaurant and depending on which type of TUI BLUE you book they will also include the outlined additional a la carte restaurants.

THE RESTAURANT is the central dining venue and offers a globe-trotting buffet and several live cooking stations.

There are family-sized tables available with dividers and also zoned areas for adults.

THE BAR is dedicated to delivering the highest quality and bespoke drinks selection to the well-travelled guests of the hotel.

The Bar is the central meeting point of the hotel, featuring signature cocktails and a premium range of coffees.

TAVERNA is the speciality restaurant that offers locally influenced dishes that are presented in a meze/tapas style to encourage kids to try new things.

Guests are entitled to one visit per week, as part of their All Inclusive offering.

CULINARIUM is our a la carte restaurant. It can have local influenced names depending of the destination of the hotel. Enjoy locally inspired cuisine providing 4 course menus.

THE GREEN & GRILL RESTAURANT is an optional speciality restaurant serving dinner in a modern and
contemporary environment with a focus on international healthy and lightly grilled food items.

THEA’S COFFEE SHOP & JUICE BAR offers an international brand of coffee and high quality fresh squeezed juices as well as take away food at an extra charge. Similar to other take away coffee shops.


Across all of our TUI BLUE hotels, customers will always find that the activities and entertainment on offer and been fine-tuned to them.

Our BLUEf!t® programme specialises in fitness and holistic wellbeing. So, whether guests are looking to relax and let off some steam or work on their strength, they will find something to suit them. In all our hotels you will also find well-equipped gyms, outdoor fitness areas and innovative classes.

In addition to BLUEf!t®, we also offer everything from garden parties to get-up-and-dance shows, fun-filled kids’ clubs to cocktail-making classes and our TUI experiences give guests a taste of local culture.

Choose from a variety of activities from the daily program in the BLUE® App. Lots of educational workshops and fitness courses for all body types await. The BLUE® Spa offers time for relaxation.

  • BLUE® Spa
  • BLUEf!t® courses
  • Cocktail courses
  • Language courses
  • Cooking classes
  • Wine tasting
  • Watersports

Our little ones love the TUI BLUE characters. They appear around the resort and in various kids clubs for separate age groups and invite for a fascinating show in the evenings.

  • Kids’ Clubs
  • BabyClub
  • Swim School
  • Sports and games
  • Kids shows
  • Family activities

The huge offer of local excursions provided by hotels and TUI Musement invite our guests to learn all about their holiday destination. Guests can ask BLUE® Guides for their favourite spots.

  • Mountain bike tour
  • Hiking
  • Ski tours
  • City excursions
  • Guided tours
  • Animal sightings
  • Scuba diving

Guests can enjoy peaceful live music under the stars, move their feet with dance hits interpreted by local bands or get fascinated by artistic acts from local artists.

  • Live music
  • Piano player
  • DJs
  • Local artists
  • Production shows
  • Musical shows


Meanwhile, our BLUEf!t® programme specializes in fitness and holistic wellbeing. Guests can expect professional fitness classes and relaxation exercises that often take place outdoors with breathtaking views. Many of our hotels also have well-equipped gyms for individual workouts.

Holiday goers can see the up-to-date daily BLUEf!t® programme in the BLUE® App even before they arrive. No matter what their fitness goal is, they can choose the activities that fit best for them, these include:


  • Improve your fitness
  • Train your entire body
  • Develop endurance
  • Use the entire diversity of exercise possibilities


  • Train your flexibility, precision
  • Resilience with special techniques
  • Refine your body consciousness
  • Face complex demands in a healthy and flexible manner
  • Minimise stress in your daily life


  • Meditation and specific exercises
  • Balance stressful tendencies with sauna, wellness and massages
  • Bring your body with nature and yourself into harmony


  • Goal oriented nutrition
  • Experience positive effects during sport and in daily life
  • Explore tasty possibilities to eat permanently healthier
  • Find out easy ways to prepare healthy food at home


With an expanding portfolio, we have made it easier for customers to find the perfect hotel for them. All our hotels showcase the same high TUI BLUE standards, but some are sculpted specifically for a certain travel party.

We have introduced a new Traveller Type and Highlights for flexible search options and simple to understand filtering. Here’s what to look out for:




These chilled-out properties are ideal for restful, child-free breaks, with plenty of local flair thrown in. Activities are tailored for adults, and there are sophisticated music and dance performances after dark.

Dedicated relaxation areas, couples’ spa sessions and luxe room upgrades give these hotels a classy edge, and you can take time for two with just-for-you seating areas and candlelit dinners.

These trendy hotels are often cozier hotels that are located by the sea and in other scenic locations.

Core USP’s:

  • For guests aged 16+
  • Smaller hotels in stylish surroundings
  • Peace, quiet and relaxation


In addition to the Adults Only Traveller Type, the new Highlights allow you to fine tune your hotel selection to find the perfect match for every customer. Here’s what to look out for:


But remember our hotels with a Traveller Type or Highlight are just a snippet of our full TUI BLUE collection. Some hotels come with no highlight or extra tag, but they still showcase the best of what TUI BLUE has to offer. All our hotels are unique to each other and specialise in superb regionally inspired restaurant menus and tailored activities.


The spotlight is firmly on family-friendly breaks at these hotels. They take our trademark top-quality family facilities, and ramp them up with first-class kids’ clubs, bigger activity rosters and exciting evening shows.

These TUI BLUE hotels offer various activities, sports and entertainment programmes all aimed at spending quality time together. They feature spacious pools, family rooms and a wide range of family-friendly facilities.

Age-appropriate activities are also available through separate Kids’ Clubs for 3 to 5-year-olds and 6 to 11-year-olds, along with a BabyClub crèche for 0 to 36 months.

Core USP’s:

  • Larger resorts with family friendly facilities
  • Activity programme for all generations
  • Kids’ Clubs with professional childcare
  • Exciting entertainment programme during the day and evening
  • Restaurants with international cuisine as well as special children’s buffet


Food and drink really stands out at these properties – guests give them top scores, and you can look forward to meals that go above and beyond TUI BLUE’s usual high standards.

Core USP’s:

  • Top 10% Hotels
  • Global review index on F&B


These hotels are all about location – they’re in spots that are suited for exploring, whether that’s a culture-filled city centre, a nature hotspot or somewhere scenic.

Core USP’s:

  • Hotels at special location e.g City, Lake, Mountains, Nature


Standout architecture, eye-catching interiors and unique decor are the hallmarks of these hotels. They really have the wow factor when it comes to design.

Core USP’s:

  • Hotels notable for their unique identity and stylish design


Things are cosy and more intimate at these hotels – they have less rooms than the rest of the TUI BLUE collection so you never feel crowded and come with a more home-like feel.

Core USP’s:

  • Hotels with less than 150 rooms


TUI BLUE Village hotels are always located by the sea and have an inviting atmosphere that appeals to Nordic guests. Here, all moments are bright. It’s easy to get along, regardless of whether you’re a multi-generational family, a couple or a group of friends.



With the BLUE® App guests can always have their holiday planner with them. All of our TUI BLUE hotels are equipped with free Wi-Fi so the app can be used without worry.

The app features comprehensive information about the hotel and surrounding area and is a personal digital assistant with bookable activities and a 24/7 communication offer.

The app can be used to access the following features:

  • PROGRAM: Keep track of everything going on in the hotel
  • INFO: Access all information about the hotel and its surrounding area
  • SERVICE BOOKING: Order a variety of services and extras 24/7
  • TABLE BOOKING: Easy reservations tool for the speciality restaurants
  • ONLINE CHECK-IN: Submit check-in details digitally and save time on arrival
  • ACTIVITY BOOKING: Save your place for exciting activities and relaxing moments
  • PINBOARD: Reviews, questions and communications platform for guests
  • CALL: All relevant hotel telephone numbers at hand
  • MORE: The BLUE® App constantly receives updates with more features

*Please note some features are not currently available in all hotels

Please encourage your customers to download both the TUI App (allows them to review their booking details, transfers, flights) and the BLUE® App. We recognise having two apps is less than ideal, but until we find a way to combine this information, it really is the best way for customers to have all the information they need for their holiday at their fingertips.



TUI BLUE Medina Gardens
* * * *
Marrakech . Morocco

Key Features:

  • Delicacies from Arabic, Mediterranean and African cuisine
  • Relaxing retreat alone or together with your partner at the BLUE® Spa 
  • Yoga classes to bring body and mind into harmony

TUI BLUE Palm Garden
* * * *
Manavgat . Türkiye

Key Features:

  • Extensive watersports offer
  • Archery, slacklines and bouldering wall available
  • Bungalow complex lined with palm trees and inviting pool

* * * *
Sylt . Germany

Key Features:

  • BLUE® Spa with indoor pool and saunas
  • Great for Mudflat hiking and mini golf
  • Rent a bike and cruise the beautiful island of Sylt with endless beaches