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With more than 50 years experience in the German market, ROBINSON is the leading club holiday provider in the premium segment.

ROBINSON currently has 26 clubs in its portfolio across 15 popular short, mid and long haul destinations (Italy, Spain, Portugal, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Greece, Cyprus, Turkey, Tunisia, Egypt, Cape Verde, Morocco, Thailand, and the Maldives).

A selection of ROBINSON clubs* have been internationalised, to enable us to bring the unique ROBINSON experience to guests from around the world. With their popular locations and wide range of activities, amenities, and entertainment options, these clubs provide a vibrant and culturally diverse atmosphere. Our international clubs also offer as a minimum two languages, English and German and usually a third, so guests can feel confident they will be able to take advantage of everything on offer.

ROBINSON’s multilingual staff, known as ROBINS, are fluent in multiple languages to accommodate guests from various countries. Every ROBIN wears a name tag that shows the languages they speak and the ROBINS at the ROBY CLUB ensure effective communication and facilitate a welcoming and inclusive environment for all children.

In the restaurants, guests can expect a rich and varied selection of dishes, ranging from local specialities to international favourites, ensuring there is something for everyone’s taste. In terms of the sports offering, whether it’s water sports, fitness classes, team games, or outdoor adventures, the club ensures that everyone can participate and enjoy their preferred activities.



Catering to a global community of open-minded people with an active lifestyle, ROBINSON aims to offer a home away from home for all those who are looking for more than just a conventional holiday destination. ROBINSON has three tailor-made club formats for every type of holiday which you can use on this portal as a guide: FOR FAMILY, FOR ALL and FOR ADULTS ONLY.


In ROBINSON’s FOR FAMILY clubs, the next generation comes first. There is animation, sports and entertainment for children from the age of two, all-day, loving care as well as sports activities for teenagers and swimming courses.

Core USP’s:

  • Holiday programmes for children from two years of age, seven days a week
  • ROBY CLUB: all-day loving care for children
  • ROBY BABY CLUB: from one to 24 months at ROBINSON APULIA
  • Weekly theme days, e.g. “The Circus” or “Fairy Tales”
  • Daily sports service from the age of 16
  • ROBS sport: Sports for young people aged 13+
  • Child-friendly restaurant opening hours and show start times in the evening
  • Family-friendly show programme: five to six shows per week


ROBINSON’s FOR ALL clubs feature a varied holiday programme for adults as well as young people and children.

Core USP’s:

  • Balanced entertainment mix of shows, parties and live acts
  • Solo travellers meeting several times a week
  • NITE CLUB and parties after 12pm during the week
  • Holiday programmes for children from three years old, six days a week
  • ROBY CLUB: hourly loving care for children
  • Daily sports programme from the age of 16 (e.g. football, beach volleyball, water polo)
  • Daily soft sports from the age of 13 (e.g. boccia, table tennis, table football)


ROBINSON’s FOR ADULTS ONLY clubs are ideal for holidaymakers with different holiday expectations if one person wishes to relax and the other wants to enjoy activities they can mix and match as much or as little as they want.

Core USP’s:

  • Only for adults aged 18+
  • The entertainment and relaxation programme is specially designed for adults
  • Variety of professional sports on offer
  • Award-winning, trendy cuisine
  • Daily gathering of single travellers
  • On the beach: daily sundowners
  • Relaxed restaurant opening hours and programme times in the evening
  • Varied evening entertainment, such as live acts & parties
  • Three x per week live entertainment
  • Daily NITE CLUB and parties after 12pm


A holiday at ROBINSON means experiencing unforgettable moments together in a relaxed atmosphere.

ROBINSON clubs provide plenty of space to relax or get active. You’ll find them in scenic spots – on a beach, nature reserve or golf course.

All clubs feature friendly staff, the ROBINS who greet all guests with a smile, an extensive culinary offer (All Inclusive or Full Board), professional childcare as well as entertainment, a relaxing wellness and spa offer and there are up to 64 different sports available.


Get an energy boost from delicious and nutritionally balanced WellFood, or indulge in some gourmet dining at a speciality restaurant.


  • Tasty buffets with regional products and live cooking
  • Extra children’s dishes
  • Special dinner locations like right on the beach
  • Many extraordinary speciality restaurants
  • Weekly gala buffets
  • Cater to certain dietary restrictions (including allergies) on request, if the club and region is able to accommodate


  • Main restaurants have a special WellFood area
  • WellFood is designed to provide an energy boost
  • The concept was created by licensed nutritionist, Silvie Gilbert
  • Guests can sample tasty, healthy dishes made with regional ingredients
  • Focus on nutritious high-protein, low-carb, low-fat meals
  • ROBINSON clubs offer a variety of vegan dishes at the WellFood area from morning to evening


  • Felicity Food dishes are designed to improve your mood as they are made with ingredients that boost the happiness hormone, serotonin
  • WINE & DINE: The option to reserve a table for dinner in the main restaurant along with a bottle of wine (for a fee)
  • Poké You by Karlheinz Hauser offers culinary diversity with the beloved Hawaiian national dish


  • tasteJAM is ROBINSON‘s original street food festival which takes place fortnightly
  • The event gives guests the opportunity to experience a good atmosphere, relaxing live music, juicy beef burgers, many delicious variations of high-quality finger food and amazing first-class cocktails


  • LUHANA which is all about having a relaxed state of mind inspired by Hawaii takes place fortnightly
  • Discover the extraordinary variety of Hawaiian cuisine at colourfully decorated outdoor food stalls, enjoy a sundowner cocktail in a dreamy Waikiki Beach atmosphere and experience live music and performances


  • On the ROB Carpet evenings, which take place once a week, the club really dresses up and scores with glittering entertainment
  • An extraordinary gala buffet awaits guests during a glamorous evening with culinary delicacies, sparkling entertainment and selected cocktails


ROBINSON’s sports offering is truly unparalleled. With up to 64 sports to try out, it is truly a sports-lovers paradise.


  • A variety of sports for all – always at top level and meeting current trends
  • Certified, performance-oriented courses with licensed trainers suitable for all levels
  • High quality sports equipment from top partners included
  • Weekly tournaments and competitions
  • Taster sessions for golf, surfing, diving, tennis, archery and more available


  • Wind and kitesurfing, sailing or surfing in fantastic watersports areas
  • Diving and snorkelling in exotic underwater paradises
  • Skiing and snowboarding in our winter sports clubs
  • Game, set and match on up to 12 tennis courts per club
  • 40 partner golf courses, some located directly at the club
  • Biking tours through breathtaking landscapes
  • In addition to these main sports, several more are offered depending on the club


  • Well-equipped, premium gyms in every club
  • Professional GroupFitness and Body&Mind programmes included
  • Spacious WellFit spas to unwind
  • Individual personal training with licensed fitness trainers
  • WellFood: trendy and healthy dishes
  • Relaxing and rejuvenating natural cosmetic treatments, classical or outdoor massages, Ayurveda sessions, and on-site saunas or hammams
  • Gym classes include Pilates, yoga, indoor cycling or functional and endurance workouts


At ROBINSON a varied and exciting entertainment programme awaits with live music, gala evenings, comedy sets, children’s shows, and more.


  • Imaginative shows, musicals and theatre performances on professional stages
  • Live music at the bar and live percussion music on the beach
  • A buzzing party atmosphere in the NITE CLUB
  • Themed parties
  • Cabaret events
  • Comedy sets
  • Live performances
  • Team games in the pool and on the beach
  • Relaxed beach sunset experiences
  • Magical nights, weekly parties and gala evenings


  • At selected clubs experience tours are offered
  • This includes exciting excursions to nearby attractions and cities
  • All ROBINSONADES are led by experienced tour guides with insider knowledge


Everything should be just right on a family holiday. Which is why ROBINSON clubs feature everything parents need: from baby equipment to child-friendly programmes. At ROBINSON clubs younger and older kids are taken care of, while mum and dad enjoy some well-deserved time off.


  • Pedagogically qualified childcare professionals
  • Age-appropriate children’s and youth programmes with sport, fun and creativity
  • A variety of age-appropriate sports courses
  • Swimming courses in which kids can obtain swimming badges for an additional charge
  • Kids’ restaurants available at selected clubs
  • ROBY BABY SET: Essentials for parents with infants and small children


  • Care for six different age groups from infants to teenagers:
    • ROBY CLUB: Excellent care and activities for SUPER MINIS (aged 2), MINIS (aged 3-4) and MAXIS (aged 5-6) )
    • R.O.B.Y.: For children of two age groups: 7-9 and 10-12
    • ROBS: Our name for young people aged 13-17, for whom there are special programmes



  • There is a reason Germany has a reputation for quality
  • ROBINSON pay attention to every detail and settle for nothing but the best
  • ROBINSON are always improving and fine-tuning based on guest feedback


  • ROBINSON staff – called ROBIN’s – are perfect hosts who treat every guest with respect
  • There are more than 5,000 ROBINS worldwide
  • Each of them offers friendly, professional service


  • Relaxed, welcoming approach and hearty hospitality
  • There’s always an activity to join if guests are so inclined
  • Tables for 2, 4, 6 or 8 that encourage interaction, so guests leave having made new friends.


ROBINSON is one of the most sustainable international hotel chains:

  • ROBINSON shows its commitment to humans and nature through six pillars: Avoid, Recycle, Reduce, Beautify, Educate, Understand
  • For new projects, a study on the environmental impact is always done
  • Over 60% of our clubs use up 100% energy from solar systems or biomass plants
  • Winner of a number of prestigious sustainability awards


BalAyur is that unique ROBINSON blend of the three most important health boosters: relaxation, movement and nutrition to make a healthy, integrated holiday.​

What can you expect?​

  • BalAyur station with vegan-Ayurvedic meals and personalised dosha spices
  • Fresh ginger water, smoothies and BalAyur teas
  • The perfect training plan for your dosha type: Cardio Move for Kaphas, Facial Release for Vartas, Deep Work for Pittas ​
  • Four different Ayurvedic massages in the WellFit spa​
  • Dosha test: You can find out which dosha type you are on the ROBINSON app


With the ROBINSON App guests can always have their holiday planner with them. All of our ROBINSON clubs are equipped with free Wi-Fi so the app can be used without worry.

The app features comprehensive information about the hotel and surrounding area and is a personal digital assistant with bookable activities and a 24/7 communication offer.

The app can be used to access the following features:

  • STAY UP TO DATE: Daily programme and all vital club information at a glance
  • ACTIVITIES: Book a sports course, a tennis court, an excursion and other activities
  • SERVICE: Book a table in the speciality restaurant, a late check- out, transfers and so much more
  • DINNERTIME: Restaurant opening times, Gastrotainments and theme events
  • MEET EACH OTHER: Guests can use our pinboard to exchange ideas or make appointments, e.g. to play tennis

Please encourage your customers to download both the TUI App (allows them to review their booking details, transfers, flights) and the ROBINSON App. We recognise having two apps is less than ideal, but until we find a way to combine this information, it really is the best way for customers to have all the information they need for their holiday at their fingertips.



* * * * *
Agadir . Morocco

Key Features:

  • Located directly at long, gently sloping, sandy beach and next to Royal palace
  • Great for surfing and golfing
  • ROBINSONADES available

* * * *
Apulia . Italy

Key Features:

  • Family friendly activities available
  • Great for tennis and water activities
  • Childcare for ages 0–17

* * * * *
Belek . Türkiye

Key Features:

  • 18-hole golf course at the club
  • Exciting nightlife with parties and entertainment
  • ROBINSONADES available