Frequently Asked Questions


– I’ve never used the portal before where do I start?
Please refer to our handy starter guide. If you need further assistance, please email  

– How can I get a log in for another member of the team?
– Access is provided to a unique email address. Please get your colleagues to visit and click on the ‘Request access’ link. 

– Can I get a log in for a customer?
– This system is for internal use only and access should not be provided to a customer due to some of the sensitive company information contained. 

Q – Can I change the display language?
– The portal is currently available in English, with additional languages coming shortly, starting with Dutch, French and German. To change your display language, click on the drop down arrow next to the flag, which can be found in the top right hand side of your screen and select your preferred language. 

– When viewing the portal in a language other than English some words are incorrect or don’t make sense, why is this?
– The portal utilises Amazon automated translation services. On occasion this could mean some words are translated incorrectly or out of context. We have checked for accuracy, but if you spot any errors, please contact us atmytuihotels@tui.comso we can correct them. 



– Why is the hotel I’m searching for not available?
– The portal is in early stages of release and currently only selected units across TUI BLUE, TUI MAGIC LIFE and ROBINSON have been loaded. We plan to add new units on a regular basis, so check back soon. If you feel a certain unit is needed please email us at and it may be possible for us to add it sooner. 

Q – Why is the portal only displaying TUI BLUE, TUI MAGIC LIFE and ROBINSON units?
A – The portal has been created by the TUI Hotels & Resorts team, so the units that fall under this remit have been added first. The next stage is to add in additional TUI BLUE units and then in the future look to extend it to the wider portfolio. We plan to add new units on a regular basis, so check back soon. 

– Why are there hotels present that we don’t currently sell in my market?
– The portal has been designed to use across all TUI markets so you may find there are hotels present that are not currently bookable via your market. We’re hoping to add a filter that will allow you to search just those units applicable to your market soon. 

– I can see room types not available in my market, why is this?
– The portal has been designed to use across all TUI markets so you may find there are room types present that are not currently bookable via your market. 

– The room types shown are displayed under different names than in my market, why is this?
– Due to various names being used across markets, the portal utilises the official room type name found on hotel contracts. 

– How often is the portal being updated?
A – New units are being added on a frequent basis 

– Who is responsible for updating the portal?
– The TUI Hotels & Resorts Sales & Marketing team look after the portal and aim to update it within a set criterion of SLAs. 

– What do I do if I spot an error?
– If you believe there is an error(s) present, please contact the team at mytuihotels@tui.comand we’ll look into it as soon as possible. 

– Do I need to contact TUIhead officefor accessibility requests now I can see the information on the portal?
A The information in the portal is to provide an overview only – you must always follow the normal process the tour operator uses to make any accessibility requests.



– Why is there discrepancies between this portal and other sources of information? 
– Different sources of information are updated at different times. Whilst we always strive to ensure the information contained within this portal is the most up to date, sometimes discrepancies occur. If you notice what you believe is an error, please contact us via Please note TUI Hotels & Resorts cannot be held responsible for any errors that might be present within the portal. 

– The information I’m looking for isn’t shown, where can I find more details?
– We’re always keen to ensure the portal has all the details you need. Please email and we’ll do our best to answer your question and update the portal for future queries.

– How can I contact the TUI Hotels & Resorts team?
A – You can contact the team at our working hours are Monday to Friday between 9:00-17:30. We aim to reply to all enquires received within 48 working hours.