Welcome to the 2022/23 TOY Sales Incentive – TUI Hotels & Resorts Bingo

When you complete a row or two, or get a full house, please log your bookings on the form below:
Rules of play

  • The incentive is running for two periods: P4 and P5 – so you have plenty of time to win
  • When you make a booking that corresponds to a square on the bingo card you can cross it off
  • For squares featuring more than one unit option, you only need to book one of the units listed to count the square as ‘won’
  • A booking can only be assigned to one square, i.e., if you book TUI MAGIC LIFE
    FUERTEVENTURA, it can either be used to complete the ‘TUI MAGIC LIFE FUERTEVENTURA OR CALABRIA square or the ‘ANY TUI MAGIC LIFE CLUB’ square
  • We’ve completed a couple of squares for you, to get you started
  • When you complete one horizontal line of three/four bookings, you will be awarded
    100 TUI Smiles
  • When you complete two horizontal lines of three/four bookings, you will be awarded
    a goody bag
  • When you complete all 10 squares, that’s a full house and you will enter the prize draw
    to win a holiday
  • Please note, once you’ve completed a row or two, or achieved a full house, you need to log your bookings at so we can confirm eligibility and award any prize(s)
  • Each week, we’ll also be awarding some spot superhero prizes, to the top sales performers